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Ian Jackson
Executive Certificate,
with JD, MBA, BSEE degrees,
and over 30 years  of work experience
in the technology industry.

His base salary is
$1 per year yet
net worth is
over $20 million
as measured in 2012 by
Morgan Stanley
Wealth Management.
Inspired by Zorro
defender of freedom

Character, self-discipline,
and other key attributes
that make soldiers
especially strong leaders

Strategy, the #1
most desired skillset
corporate America
insights from
executive programs
in the
Ivy League

The mindset
over 96% of employers
prefer 7-to-1
over people fully qualified
on skillset

at every level
Screen on personality.
Hire on character.
Train on skillset.

coached by

Inspired Professionals

Over the years, clients
have included
entrepreneurs and
fashion designers,
venture capitalists,
Wall Street investors,
U.S. importers,
small business owners,
U.S. exporters,
law firm attorneys,
pro athletes,
performing artists,
military soldiers,
computer engineers,
real estate agents,
product managers,
subsidiary presidents,
financial advisors,
branch managers,
television jouralists,
JD and MBA students,
college students,
and other
top talented
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world leaders

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Ackee, Breadfruit, Egg Nog

Cross-functional Leadership
Critical Thinking
Strategic Planning
Financial Statements
powered by
Predictive Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
from IBM

Dinner Concert

Indian-style Menu
together with
Doctorate Research
communicated through dance
to the tune of music from
Grammy award-winning artists
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on-the-job at our
world headquarters

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Rio 2016 Olympic Games

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Global in thinking

yet local in touch

Tuition starts at
$960 per year
payable by
leader, employer, or sponsor.

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Chief Learning Officer
M.Ed., MBA
Education and Management
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Intercultural Diversity

Chief Technology Officer
Predictive Analytics
Artificial Intelligence

Chief Hospitality Officer
Hospitality and Management
with focus on
partnership with resorts


students or new grads
to focus on
developing and nurturing
exceptional relationship
with customers worldwide

students and new grads
who have 
strong foundation in STEM
to focus on
R&D in partnership with
our business partner IBM
Office of the CEO
top talented people
with interest in a career
as a business diplomat

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for entrepreneurs
and intrapreneurs
during times of
crisis, or need.
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Learn. Teach. Lead.

Accelerated Leadership Development Experience

Built for everyone, our licensed doctors foster cross-functional leadership.
Tuition starts at $960 per year payable by leader, employer, or sponsor.
Welcome to Inspired Professionals, an IBM Business Partner, where leaders at every level are empowered to continuously accelerate their development. In business now for over a decade, we are increasingly inspired by how young CEOs are today. The average age of founding CEOs in the Silicon Valley is 31. Most recently, we are inspired by CNN's story of a 14 year old CEO who received a $30 million offer to buy his venture.
The CEO platform we developed in partnership with IBM guides leaders at every level as they develop the skillset and mindset that leads to jobs, raises, and promotions, and ultimately the corner office as Chief Executive. The platform is embedded within a global leadership rotation program powered by Deep Learning through performing arts. In today's world of Sarbanes Oxley and, most recently, artificial intelligence, focus is on the competence and conduct that leads occupations to gain the status of profession.
Introducing to our Venture
Distinguished by our authentically "global" touch of class, we are a Silicon Alley professional services venture that invented the CEO platform. A platform within all six areas of IBM strategic growth, IBM signed our venture within our first 2 years of launch.

To date, our technology-enabled venture has established for our business partner, IBM, strategic growth projects that foster a better society.

Origins: Founded in 2002 as part of a government-funded response to 9/11, we respond during times of turmoil, crisis, and need. Our mission is to "accelerate the development of high potential leaders stimulated by technology in ways that lead to jobs, raises, or promotions, simultaneous with growth in both our local and global economy." Our approach is to instill the skillset and mindset of a chief executive in young, top talented people. Focus is on Cross-functional Leadership through Critical Thinking and Strategic Planning, with Financial Statements powered by Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence from IBM.

Features: Embedded within a global Leadership Rotation Program, the platform we created provides accelerated access to mentorship from our CEO network, coaching by licensed psychologists, and networking with peers, in combination with stretch projects, learning immersions, personalized assessments, and more. Designed to engage and inspire, as well as inform, the platform features insights from world leaders in combination with such innovations from technology and the performing arts.

Examples: Innovations include simulations on running a business in ways that stimulate profitable revenue growth and avoid bankruptcy. Innovations also include the requisite mindset of CEO-level entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, as presented through television, music, movie, poetry, and dance. Consider, for example, the lesson we can all learn on Resiliency from the UK-based Oscar award-winning movie "The Theory of Everything."

As suggested in this LAPD-based movie: "S.W.A.T. is the most honored and professional police division in the world. You will be ready for any one and any thing, with S.W.A.T." S.W.A.T. stands for Special Weapons and Tactics. While civilian in nature, Fortune 500 companies often recruit in people who have the mindset of elite teams like S.W.A.T. Prior to launching our firm, our founder, Ian, led Strategy worldwide for the fastest-growing subsidiary of a Fortune 500 technology company. The unofficial name for the team was S.W.A.T.
The job of the team was to advise the subsidiary's executive leadership team on how to stimulate growth from the current $300 million in annual revenue to the future $1 billion in annual revenue in 3-to-5 years. The team also worked on special projects as defined by the executive leadership team. In recognition of his work, our founder won a global award in Dublin, Ireland. The accelerated access to training our founder received while leading this corporate S.W.A.T. team is one of the key elements behind our CEO platform | IBM.

Instead of guns, tools of our trade include supercomputers like Watson, an innovation of IBM, and M.B.A. techniques like Five Forces Industry Analysis, as taught from within the Executive MBA program at Cornell University at the IBM Executive Center, a lake-front retreat located 5 minutes from New York City. Here at Inspired Professionals, we invented techniques of our own. Techniques include Gap Analysis. Our founder invented Gap Analysis in 2006 while working in partnership with IBM Global Business Services.
Focus is on strategic planning powered by regression-based  predictive analytics by IBM SPSS software enabled by artificial intelligence machine learning by IBM Watson supercomputer. Plans for the future are guided by Probability and Statistics and informed by lessons learned from the past and present. Our founder says "Think like a CEO, regardless of your  age, title, or position in the organizational hierarchy." That gets you noticed and placed on the fast track.
Deep Learning through Performing Arts
Our goal is not just to inform. Our goal is to also engage and inspire by creating passion for learning by making the learning process fun. Our founder is inviting dancers from around the world to perform, and compete, at the pro level, in a showing of mutual respect and admiration, in the Big Apple, our nation's largest and most global city. Stay tuned for doctorate research communicated through dance performed to the tune of music from Grammy award-winning artists.

Top 5 Reasons you should join us


Breakfast Club featuring keynote from world leaders, including our CEO network.

The #1 most desired skillset and the mindset that employers prefer even more.

Cutting edge innovations like predictive analytics and artificial intelligence from IBM.

Dinner Concert featuring doctorate research through the performing arts.

Travel Abroad in Rio de Janeiro and other beachfront centers of tourism and commerce.

Modeled after a leadership rotation called Leadership Edge, our platform is, at the core, technology-enabled training on the skillset and mindset of a CEO. The is not necessarily for you to springboard to CEO on day one. The goal, by contrast, is consistent with the notion of leadership at every level of the organizational hierarchy. That goal is for you to accelerate to rate at which you learn and grow as both a leader and person.

The platform begins with a Self-paced Introduction. Learn at your leisure from the comfort of home, office, or travel. You can expect doctorate research communicated in ways designed to engage, inspire, and inform. Innovations include keynote presentations by world leaders, and Grammy award-winning performances by some of the biggest names on the planet. Noting that our team includes writers, singers, and dancers, we will leave it up to your imagination in terms of whom we may have trained to step in as your teacher.

Our next step in the platform is an invitation-only Learning Immersion. One may participate in-person via Ritz-Carlton Executive Retreat with remote access, again, from the comfort of your home, office, or travel, powered by IBM Cloud. This immersion is an opportunity for you to apply the lessons learned from the introduction to a simulated work setting. The approach is based on the notion of on-the-job experiential learning. Through full-service hospitality, the immersion also serves as an opportunity for peer-to-peer networking with our global network of early career leaders.
Armed with the right insight, the right tools, and the right network, doors will open for you in ways that can accelerate your development and, in doing so, advance your career. Like in any job, however, the key is to be proactive, rather than reactive. Woody Allen is known for the quote "Eighty percent of success is showing up."

Opportunities include skip-level promotions, selection for growth or turn-around projects, approval for international assignments, sponsorship for Executive MBA programs, as well as nomination for leadership rotation programs. Over the years, one may emerge as General Manager for a business unit, or President of a subsidiary. Such roles lead to consideration for the job of CEO.
Generating Results Now for Over a Decade

"The interns look you up, seek you out, and respect your accomplishments."

President, Caribbean and Latin America subsidiary, Nortel Networks

Our founder's mentor since 1993

"I would not be where I am today without you."

Winner of the prestigious $90,000 Park Leadership Fellowship at Cornell University

Mentee since 2001, IBM employee, 2001-2007, Cornell alum, 2007-present

"Sounds like you are doing really interesting and important work."

Africa-based attorney at The United Nations

excerpt from the video of our joint-lecture with Harvard Law School, 2007

Founder: Founded in 2002 by Ian Jackson, JD, MBA, BSEE, when he was a student in the Executive MBA program at Cornell, our venture gained its start pro bono. We advised a fashion designer and her retail store in New York City's World Trade Center district on business recovery in support of the Women's Venture Fund.

We emerged as a member benefit of the NYC Bar Association regarding its base of over 23,000 attorneys. Our work attracted sponsorship from Wall Street, and then led to a joint-lecture with Harvard Law School. We have also supported the New York Women's Bar Association as they celebrated their 70th anniversary.

Our founder, Ian, gained is start in the legal profession as a Fellow of the Delaware State Bar Association, when he was a first-year student at Boston University School of Law, a school that tends to rank #1 in the nation in teaching. As a Fellow, he worked in Delaware for the law firm Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell, simultaneous with the law department section associated with the IT department at DuPont.

After serving a Fellow in Delaware, our founder launched a 14-year career as an intrapreneur. He then launched a 12-year career as an entrepreneur. All considered decision-makers, intrapreneurs tend to be similar entrepreneurs, essentially young people at the level of CEO. People who are at the level of CEO tend to be similar to people at the level of Judge.


Mission: Our mission is career development for leaders at every level stimulated by technology in ways that lead to a job, raise, or promotion, simultaneous with growth in both our local and global economy.

Culture: Our culture is one that encourages you to think. That is "think big" and work with the world's #2 brand. Do you value forward-thinking people who are encouraged to think beyond themselves, and even beyond their organization, to also include society? That is our culture driven, in part, by our role as a business partner of IBM.

Recruits: We recruit young top talented people here in the United States, as well as in complementary markets located abroad. We hire on character and on mindset. We then train on skillset. Our selection process tends to focus on scholars, athletes, soldiers, writers, singers, dancers, attorneys, engineers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, diplomats, and linguists. Many of the people on our team emerge with the skillset of CEO early in their career, cross-trained, in certain instances, as teacher or mentor.

Clients: Our founder, Ian, spent most of his career in corporate America on a revenue-generating side of Customer Service. He therefore has a customer orientation that is rather unique. Today, we advise entrepreneurs, including musicians, athletes, engineers, and attorneys. We also advise intrapreneurs, including deans, principals, strategy consultants, venture capitalists, team leaders, real estate agents, financial advisors, branch managers, property managers, general managers, and subsidiary presidents.

Story of a Leader
We focus on world leaders like General Colin Powell, one of the greatest leaders in the history of the U.S. military. Consistent with the teachings of the United States Military Academy at West Point, General Powell speaks on such critical attributes as character, self-discipline, and trust. Trust, in particular, speaks to the relationship the leader has with his or her team.
"The vision to lead. The insight to follow."
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