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Inspired Professionals, IBM Business Partner
Founded in 2002, we stepped forward inspired with a sense of purpose. Now a decade since our launch, we have sustained our passion to engage, inspire, and inform:

  1. Brochure: Download our 1-page brochure. As stated in the brochure, we developed the platform to accelerate the development of people who have the potential to emerge as a CEO early in their career. The goal is for you to develop a "nose for  business," including an intuitive sense for what a CEO is looking for. That not only gets you noticed, but also considered for the fast-track.
  2. Demo: Take a test drive. View samples of the work we have performed over the years. Samples include our joint lecture with Harvard Law School at the NYC Bar. Samples also include "Innovation in Queens," a special event we co-hosted with the Queens Economic Development Corporation (QEDC). The event sold-out at Queens Borough Hall.
  3. Consultation: Sign-up for a 15-minute complimentary consultation. Options include WebEx PC-to-PC direct from the comfort of your home or office. Test our knowledge of Strategy, as well as our ability to relate to you and your situation. We are known for world-class training with personal touch.


Feel free to sign-up below, or contact us by email at You will receive a response from a member of our team within 24 hours.
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